SDM Workshops

Species Distribution Modeling“A Hands-on Short Course in Species Distribution Modeling Using R: From Start to Finish”

Niche modeling materials for the workshop “Methods for inferring biogeographic history from distinct lines of evidence: genetic, environmental niche, and fossil” at the meeting of the International Biogeography Society, Quito, Ecuador, August 2019.

Mini tutorial (~30 minutes)

All files (~15 MB, last updated 4 August 2019)

Extended tutorial (~1-2 days)

All materials including data files and tutorials (also available below) (183 MB – last updated 3 August 2019)

Past workshops

Ecological Society of America, August 2018

Society for Conservation Biology, July 2016

Wichita State University, May, 2016

Kansas State University, February, 2016

Kansas State University, 2012

Missouri Botanical Garden, 2012

Society for Conservation Biology, 2012

species-area relationship“The Species-area Relationship (SAR) in Conservation Biology” Lecture in Stan Braude’s conservation biology course, Washington University in St. Louis, 2011 and 2012.