Two postdoc positions: Spatial ecologist and ecological statistician

I’m excited to announce two postdoc positions, one for an ecological statistician and one for a spatial ecologist, are available here at the Missouri Botanical Garden!

Both will work to develop and test “next-generation” species distribution models and both are for 2 years. The application deadline for both is February 28th.  It is OK to apply to both positions (using the same cover letter is OK).  Our application system can only accept one attachment, so you will need to join multiple attachments into an single PDF or email the attachments to me and I will connect them to your application.  Please contact me if you have questions!

– Adam

bayesLopod Model

The bayesLopod model juxtaposes records of a species (top left) with sampling intensity (bottom left) to estimate the range (main panel). The model can utilize badly georeferenced specimens (this species has only 90 accurately-referenced records but the model uses 5300 records)

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