R package enmSdmX streamlines calibration and evaluation of species distribution models, definition of spatial cross-validation blocks, and correcting for spatial sampling bias. Biotic velocity? Done. Eliminating duplicate records in a raster cell? Done. Site-weighted versions of AUC, Continuous Boyce Index, and the True Skill Statistic? It’s all here!

R package fasterRaster is an add-on to the popular raster package. Harnessing GRASS GIS, it easily handles large rasters.

mcmcHammer icon

R package mcmcHammer is just like all the other packages for analyzing MCMC chains from Bayesian analysis, except that it’s not. Like the others, it can create trace plots and density plots. But unlike them, it automates “extracting” variables, especially variables with indices. For example, say your set of MCMC chains have variables named beta0, beta1, and beta2, as well as gamma[1, 1], gamma[1, 2], gamma[2, 1], and gamma[2, 2]. You can easily create trace plots and density plots for each of these with minimal “manual” tweaking of variable names.