Publication T-shirts are in!

T-shirts highlighting recent publications led by lab members

Congratulations to everyone who led a publication–may you blind them with science!

Beyond climate? Factors determining fruiting and flowering phenology across a genus over 117 years [open access]
Bartlett KL, MA Austin, J Beck, A Zanne, and AB Smith. American Journal of Botany 110:e16188.

Modeling the rarest of the rare: A comparison between multi-species distribution models, ensembles of small models, and single-species models at extremely low sample sizes [open access]
Erickson KL and AB Smith. 2023. Ecography. 2023:e06500.

Climate change is associated with increased allocation to potential outcrossing in a common mixed mating species [open access]
MA Austin, P Cole, K Olsen, and AB Smith. 2022. American Journal of Botany 109:1085-1096.

Accounting for imperfect detection in data from museums and herbaria when modeling species distributions: Combining and contrasting data-level versus model-level bias correction [open access]
Erickson, K.D. and Smith, A.B. 2021. Ecography 44:1341-1352.