Present members of the Global Change Lab

Adam B. SmithDr. Adam B. Smith (CV)

Position and projects: As an Assistant Scientist, Adam addresses the impacts global change (climate change, land use/land cover, invasive specie, etc.) will have on individual species and their communities and means by which human intervention can facilitate adaptive responses.


Past members of the Global Change Lab

Camilo SaninDr. Camilo Sanín (2016-2017)

Position and project: As a postdoc, Camilo developed the bayesLopod modeling system which can use erstwhile “unusable” natural history museum records in species distribution models. (Sponsored by the Institute for Museum and Library Sciences.)

Present position: Developer at MapBox.


Renata DiazRenata Diaz (2017)

Position and project: As a conservation intern, Renata examined how well we can predict threats to rare plants from readily-available GIS data. (Sponsored by the Alan Graham Fund in Global Change.)

Present position: Graduate student in the WEE Lab at the University of Florida.


Mimi KesslerDr. Mimi Kessler (2016-2017)

Position and project: Mimi Kessler is originally from San Diego County, California. She earned her Ph.D. in Biology from Arizona State University for work that involved analysis of the movements and habitat use of endangered bird populations. As a spatial analyst at the Global Change Lab, Mimi examined spatially-varying controls on the range of the climate-sensitive North American pika (Ochotona princeps).

Present position: Project Director of the Eurasian Bustard Alliance.


Haydee Hernandez-YanezHaydée Hernández-Yáñez (2014-2015)

Position and project: As a work-study and conservation intern, Haydée assessed threats to all of the rare plants of the United States. (Sponsored by the Alan Graham Fund in Global Change.)

Present position: Conservation intern at the Smithsonian and (soon!) conservation biologist at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo.