enmSdmX on CRAN

enmSdmX package for R

I’m pleased as punch to announce that enmSdmX, a set of tools in R for implementing species distribution models (SDMs) and ecological niche models (ENMs), is now available on CRAN! The package includes functions found (nearly?) nowhere else for bias correction, spatial cross-validation, model evaluation, raster interpolation, biotic “velocity” (speed and direction of movement of a “mass” represented by a raster), and tools for using spatially imprecise records. The heart of the package is a set of “training” functions which automatically optimize model complexity based number of available occurrences. These algorithms include MaxEnt, MaxNet, boosted regression trees/gradient boosting machines (BRT), generalized additive models (GAM), generalized linear models (GLM), natural splines, and random forests (RF). To enhance interoperability with other packages, the package does not create any new classes. The package works with PROJ6 geodetic objects and coordinate reference systems.

– Adam