Common gardens: A lens into local adaptation

We are happy to announce the publication of a review article in Journal of Ecology on the use of common gardens for understanding local adaptation, with a focus on grasslands. Interesting facts: The modal study employing common gardens used a single tree species growing in a monoculture sourced from three sites and growing at one site in a temperate forest in North America, with measurements on morphology and growth/physiology and no additional manipulations.

Figure: Summary of our literature review on common gardens.

Johnson, L., Galliart, M., Alsdurf, J., Maricle, B.R., Baer, S.G., Bello, N.M., Gibson, D.J., and Smith, A.B. In press. Reciprocal gardens as gold standard to detect local adaptation in grassland species: New opportunities moving into the 21st century. Journal of Ecology. [article]