Common gardens: A lens into local adaptation

We are happy to announce the publication of a review article in Journal of Ecology on the use of common gardens for understanding local adaptation, with a focus on grasslands. Interesting facts: The modal study employing common gardens used a single tree species growing in a monoculture sourced from three sites and growing at one site in a temperate forest in North America, with measurements on morphology and growth/physiology and no additional manipulations.

Figure: Summary of our literature review on common gardens.

Reciprocal gardens as gold standard to detect local adaptation in grassland species: New opportunities moving into the 21st century. Journal of Ecology 110:1054-1071. [open access]
Johnson, L., Galliart, M., Alsdurf, J., Maricle, B.R., Baer, S.G., Bello, N.M., Gibson, D.J., and Smith, A.B. 2022.