Best Practices in Species Distribution Modeling: A Workshop in R

Geum radiatum niche model prediction

This workshop will walk you through the process of modeling species’ distributions from start to finish. As such, it covers all stages of the modeling process: data acquisition and cleaning, delineation of the study region, modeling and model tuning, bias correction, and model evaluation. The materials are built to be stand-alone, meaning that ideally you should not need an instructor to assist you (although having one obviously helps!).

– Adam B. Smith

All materials including data files and tutorials (also available below) (180 MB – last updated 18 April 2020)

Venues of past workshops

  • International Biogeography Society, Ecuador 2019 (part of the workshop “Methods for inferring biogeographic history from distinct lines of evidence: genetic, environmental niche, and fossil”)
  • Ecological Society of America, August 2018
  • Society for Conservation Biology, July 2016
  • Wichita State University, May, 2016
  • Kansas State University, February, 2016
  • Kansas State University, 2012
  • Missouri Botanical Garden, 2012
  • Society for Conservation Biology, 2012